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One who dislikes or fears Germany, its people, and its culture.

Ger·man′o·phobe′ adj.
Ger·man′o·pho′bi·a n.


a person who hates Germany or its people
Gerˌmanoˈphobia n


(dʒərˈmæn əˌfoʊb)

a person who hates or fears Germany, Germans, or German culture.


[dʒɜːˈmænəfəʊb] Ngermanófobo/a m/f
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Son successeur, presente comme un germanophile et un germanophobe, Emmanuel Macron, a la difficile tache de retablir un equilibre precaire qui passe necessairement par les reformes de toutes les divergences franco-francaises cautionnees par le gouvernement Valls.
Yet these kinds of strategies were a recurring theme in his approach to diplomacy, starting with his push to topple his early nemesis, Ferdinand von Beust, and lasting until the late 1880s when he took aim at the Germanophobe French Minister of War, Georges Boulanger.
Shunted to a new 'supra' position in Algiers, after being considered too Germanophobe as Vichy's Minister of National Defence, Weygand quietly built up the Army of Africa for 'revanche', crafted economic accords with the US, and fought against slimy, anti-English collaborationists back home, by forbidding the Germans any new footholds in North Africa via air base or port use, rail rights, etc.
Moreover, Dewey was the most notorious Germanophobe in the United States--as Baron von Sternburg well knew.