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One who dislikes or fears Germany, its people, and its culture.

Ger·man′o·phobe′ adj.
Ger·man′o·pho′bi·a n.


intense fear or hatred of Germany, its people, language, etc.
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This will force all parties, including pro-European ones, to engage in a discussion about the potential merits of leaving the currency union and it will encourage political posturing, especially in France, where there is an undercurrent of Germanophobia that is easy to rekindle.
We must be careful not to appear to be following Germany s lead," said Lionnel Luca, a UMP lawmaker, warning against the "whiff of Germanophobia exuded by the Socialist Party for political reasons.
It fuels Germanophobia, the lurking, masochistic English vice.
The approach is multi-disciplinary as a single discipline approach would not provide a full and coherent understanding of the development of Germanophobia within school history textbooks.