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n.1.(Biol.) A polynuclear mass of protoplasm, not divided into separate cells, from which certain ova are developed.
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33) This should not imply that the Church was not involved in these decisions, as Metropolitan Germogen founded Kazan's third monastery, the Ioanno-Predtechenskii, and its second convent, the Troitskii Fedorovskii.
When Germogen became Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church early in the seventeenth century, he solidified not only his position in the Church's history but also Kazan's.
Germogen wrote that once Varsonofii and German built their monasteries, they devoted themselves to the conversion of their non-Orthodox neighbors, though the vitae offered no further insights as to the mission's possible success or failure.
And yet again, the whole world knows world knows how Hitler and Pavelich, the leader of the Ustashi in the 'Independent State of Croatia,' attempted to crush Serbian Church unity in Yugoslavia through the organization of the remaining Serbs into a so-called 'Croatian Orthodox Church' by a dissident of the Russian Orthodox Church, Bishop Germogen as head.