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He focuses on grammar and not vocabulary, writing, listening, or conversation, omits illustrations, and covers basic to advanced grammar, with exercises and entire units on the use of "have got" and phrasal verbs, as well as the emphatic "do" and ellipsis, modals, gerunds, and conditional sentences.
Kortmann (1995: 196) exemplifies these specific cases that have been classified either as gerunds (Ihms, 1981) or participles (Quirk et al.
Semantics and variation in complement constructions: Gerunds and infinitives following the verb like".
Gerunds, Infinitives, Subject-Verb agreement clauses--what do they teach?
Just as we can compare two apples, we can compare two infinitives (to serve, to keep), or two gerunds (serving, keeping).
Dickens isn't on the test, but gerunds and capitalization rules are, and literature is instead relegated to testing isolated grammatical skills.
In a less mind-bending example, students have no problem detecting the problem with "That's me book," but fluency and literary collide when gerunds are coupled with possessive pronouns: "My going to the game is costly.
Thus, in our notes, when we explain things like gerunds, participles and restrictive clauses, we briefly clarify these terms in parentheses before going on to explain [usage].
It also clarifies grammatical subjects that frequently cause problems for non-English speakers such as adverbial clauses, conditionals and gerunds.
Ever since Educating Rita, we've been smothered by titles with those highfalutin gerunds.