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 (gĕs′nər), Conrad 1516-1565.
Swiss naturalist whose illustrated encyclopedia Historiae Animalium (1551-1558) described all known animal species. He also published an annotated bibliography of all known books in Latin, Greek, and Hebrew (1545-1549).
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Noun1.Gesner - Swiss naturalist who was one of the founders of modern zoology (1516-1565)Gesner - Swiss naturalist who was one of the founders of modern zoology (1516-1565)
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It is not clear whether Gesner intended to quote the title verbatim or only to describe its content, but there was in any case no copy of an edition in our database matching Gesner's record.
The company put together an excellent show based on the original Broadway production, with music and lyrics by Clark Gesner.
Three years later, physician and geologist Abraham Gesner of Halifax opened his first plant--albeit in New York--to make keroselain, later known as kerosene.
of a weed called pickerel weed, unless learned Gesner be much mistaken, for he says, this weed and other glutinous matter, with the help of the sun's heat, in some particular months and some ponds, apted for it by nature, do become Pikes.
En 1846, el doctor canadiense Abraham Gesner (quien llego a ser conocido como el padre de la industria petrolifera) destilo del asfalto un nuevo aceite para alumbrar, al que llamo queroseno.
Many of these historical protagonists were devout Christians (for example, Conrad Gesner, John Ray).
Playing for the MVOC Heroes were Gardner Mayor Mark Hawke, Johann Pond, Dillon Hammond, Andrew Bergeron, Rick Ouellette, Matt Arsenault, Andrew Savard, Mike Bergeron, Eric O'Reilly, Keith Cormier, Matt Bettez, Paul Cormier, Ken Bergeron and Charlie Gesner.
Conrad Gesner (1516-1565), Bibliander's best-known student, thought highly of his teacher and used the De ratione communi for his own linguistic work Mithridates (1555).
If the bite of the basilisk was mentioned, it was not considered venomous until references to its alleged poisonousness first appeared in the post-medieval works of Gesner and Topsell.
Despite its special character, however, the lead pencil--which contained no lead but the mineral variously called "English antimony", "plumbago", "kellow", or "wadd"--at first wrapped in paper or string but now ingeniously enclosed in wood, was not in common use for at least a hundred years after the naturalist Conrad Gesner pictured it in his 1565 treatise on fossils (104v).
Professional skateboarder-turned-clothing designer Eli Morgan Gesner has written the script and will direct the movie, which is slated to begin filming in New York in April.
When Abraham Gesner began his Geological Survey of New Brunswick in 1838 he noted sixteen kilns in operation along a four-mile stretch of the Saint John River near Green Head Island, 'The Narrows' (Gesner 1839, p.