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v. t. & i.1.To guess.
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Besides one word, so as it were begetting an other, as be it in rime or measured verse, by the former a man shall have a neare gesse to the follower.
Gesse Sciacca, director of avionics at Innotech, explains that this first installation communicates through the iridium satellite system, which is less expensive to install than other satellite systems and does not require a broadband system.
In The Court of Love, Philobone says of the allegorical (and in this poem, dead) figure of Pite, "In all the court nas non that, as I gesse,/That coude a lover half so well availe" (7.
Netheles Y gesse alle thingis to be peirement for the cleer science of Jhesu Crist my Lord.
1587): "Take a speciall note of theyr apparell and furniture, and of the substance that the same is made of, of which a merchant may make a gesse, as well of their commoditie, as also of theyr wants.
Sheppard also has been a Fellow at the Tanglewood Music Center and the La Gesse Foundation and was a prize winner in the National Federation of Music Clubs National Competition.
Whose iugement semeth me somwhat like, as though men should gesse [y.
v]) are criticized, but there is a notable exception for young women: 'J gesse wel [thorn]at zonge wymmen may sumtyme daunse in mesure to haue recreacioun and liztnesse so [thorn]at [thorn]ei haue [thorn]e more [thorn]ouzte on myr[thorn]e in heuene and drede and loue more god [thorn]erby.
Wherfore, partly by their owne experience, and pondering withall what space the ship was able to make with such a winde, and such direction, and partly by the experience of others whose booke and navigations they have [my italics], they gesse whereabouts they be, touching degrees of longitude, for of latitude they be always sure.
Academic stressors include the student's perception of the extensive knowledge base required and the perception of an inadequate time to develop it (Carveth, Gesse, & Moss, 1996).
13) al been they grevouse synne, I gesse that they ne been nat deedly.