n.1.A reciter of gests or legendary tales; a story-teller.
Minstrels and gestours for to tell tales.
- Chaucer.
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Ajoutons a cela les projets de rehabilitation de 69 hotels etatiques appartenant a Gestour, une operation de 70 milliards de dinars financee par l'Etat.
With such an operation that falls under the re-organization of Gestour portfolio, the firms in charge of managing El Djazair and El Aurassi hotels assumed henceforth name of "El Djazair chain" and "El Aurassi chain," which logos will be registered and "labialised" within the National Algerian Institute of Industrial Property (INAPI) and within other organism.
One contemptuous minstrel in a tight-fitting bonnet informed me that the presence of this fraudulent fou de roi was not only wildly inappropriate on this beautiful eleventh-century October morning but absurd, seeing how jesters, as such, did not yet exist, you see, fools yes, but, semantically, the term "jester"--stemming from geyster, or someone who told gestes, or stories, or a gestour, who sang, sometimes accompanied by a harp--doesn't really make a clear appearance until the sixteenth century.
Entertainer (like minstrel) is a vague term and one that was doubtless deliberately chosen for this collection of essays, as designedly vague as the Germanic spielmann or the Romance jongleur or, indeed, the Middle English gestour, whose repertoire is here discussed by Andrew Taylor under the title 'Songs of Praise and Blame'.
Les personnels des hotels relevant de la Societe de gestion des participations (SGP) Gestour beneficieront d'une augmentation du salaire de base allant de 10 a 20% valable a compter du 1er juin 2013, suite a la signature, jeudi dernier, d'une convention collective de branches.
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