Getting around

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Getting around   
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Getting around in front, so that she could look inside, the girl saw a boy curled up on the seat, fast asleep.
But there was no getting around it -- here were the certified checks, and they were good for their face.
and that sort of thing, it hurts you and humiliates you, and there is no getting around it with fine reasoning and pretty arguments.
There's no getting around it," Charley said one morning.
In the pictures we always saw the angels with wings on - and that was all right; but we jumped to the conclusion that that was their way of getting around - and that was all wrong.
Colin Harding: "I find getting around Newcastle absolutely fine.
Demonstrating the social, health and environmental benefits of cycling, the week aims to get people to give cycling a go all over the UK, whether this be for fun, as a means of getting around to work or school, the local shops or just to visit friends.
The website rated the 40 most major tourist cities in the world on the basis of: friendliest locals, friendliest taxi drivers, best taxi services, cleanest streets, ease of getting around, best public transport, best value for money, best shopping and safest city.
Rob Grisdale, chief executive of Scratch-Bikes, added: "Newcastle is a compact city, so cycling is a brilliant way of getting around and an excellent way to get fit and healthy as well as seeing more of the city.
Out in the Haitian countryside we came upon, I guess, a mud puddle, but it was an enormous Haitian one and there was no getting around it.
IN THE future, will we be getting around on motorised hover boards, in electric cars or still hopping aboard buses?