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 (jä-kə-mĕt′ē, -kō-mĕt′tē), Alberto 1901-1966.
Swiss sculptor, painter, and surrealist who is best known for his elongated sculptures of human figures, such as Walking Man (1960).


(Italian dʒakoˈmetti)
(Biography) Alberto (alˈbɛrto). 1901–66, Swiss sculptor and painter, noted particularly for his long skeletal statues of isolated figures


(ˌdʒɑ kəˈmɛt i)

Alberto, 1901–66, Swiss artist.
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Noun1.Giacometti - Swiss sculptor and painter known for his bronze sculptures of elongated figures (1901-1966)
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One of them, whom I by no means thought the best, has given us a play, known to all the world, which I am almost ready to think with Zola is the greatest play of modern times; or if it is not so, I should be puzzled to name the modern drama that surpasses "La Morte Civile" of Paolo Giacometti.
4 million (PS115 million), and a work by Alberto Giacometti became the most expensive sculpture, at $141.
She told me: 'Our activities will develop in good intelligence and partnership with Mary Lisa Palmer and the Association, the Swiss foundation and the Swiss heirs of Giacometti, and that collaboration will help us to complete as fast as possible the catalogue raisonne.
NEW YORK -- New York City's spring art auctions get underway Tuesday with works by Pablo Picasso, Alberto Giacometti, Vincent Van Gogh and other impressionist, modern and contemporary artists.
Une sculpture du Suisse Alberto Giacometti estimee a plus de 100 millions de dollars et une vingtaine d'oeuvres de l'Americain Andy Warhol domineront les encheres d'automne des maisons Sotheby's et Christie's la semaine prochaine a New York.
The Picasso and the Giacometti prices included the auction house's premium.
Their victories brought his number of winners since January 1 to seven, a development that will have been welcomed by northern French farm Haras de Gruson, which is standing Alberto Giacometti for the first time this season at EUR1,500.
of Birmingham, UK) examines the way French writers of poesie critique (not a sub-genre of art history or poetic writing, she notes, "poesie critique has been essential to the poetic practice of many twentieth-century writers") responded to the work of Swiss visual artist Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966).
The exhibit, to be seen only at the Bechtler, features rarely displayed sculpture plasters, among 60 loans from the Alberto Giacometti-Stiftung in Zurich and the Alberto and Annette Giacometti Foundation in Paris.
It's an astute, even politic, choice, since Surrealism's orthodox and dissident factions both laid claim to the wood, metal, and plaster premonitions Giacometti produced during his brief but fevered Surrealist phase.
Other casts of Le Chat are in major public collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Fondation Marguerite et Aime Maeght, Saint-Paul-de-Vence, the Berggruen Museum in Berlin and the Alberto Giacometti Foundation in Zurich.
This quote, spoken by Swiss sculptor and painter Alberto Giacometti, could surely apply to this month's Clip & Save Art Print selection, The Palace at 4 a.