Giambattista Marino

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Noun1.Giambattista Marino - Italian poet (1569-1625)
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1560 and educated in Rome, she was a protegee of the Colonna family, exchanged verse with Tasso, corresponded with Galileo, disputed with Giambattista Marino about poetry, and was a member of the Accademia degli Umoristi and later the Accademia degli Ordinati.
The specific practices of the Academy are traced from the years of Viceroy Lemos (1611-15), through the period of the philological studies of Basil (1616-22) and the influence of the aristocratic commission, to the arrival of Giambattista Marino and the Theater of Glory (1623-28), to the death of the founder and the publication of Manso's Poesie (1629-45).