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gib 1

A plain or notched, often wedge-shaped piece of wood or metal designed to hold parts of a machine or structure in place or provide a bearing surface, usually adjusted by a screw or key.
tr.v. gibbed, gib·bing, gibs
To fasten with a gib.

[Origin unknown.]

gib 2

A male cat, especially a castrated one.

[Middle English, probably short for the name Gilbert.]


(Mechanical Engineering) a metal wedge, pad, or thrust bearing, esp a brass plate let into a steam engine crosshead
vb, gibs, gibbing or gibbed
(Mechanical Engineering) (tr) to fasten or supply with a gib
[C18: of unknown origin]


(Zoology) a male cat, esp a castrated one
[C14: probably a shortening and alteration of the proper name Gilbert]


(Placename) an informal name for Gibraltar



a. a thin, wedgelike strip of metal for controlling the area in which a moving part slides.
b. a keylike part having a head at each end, used with a matching cotter as a fastening.
2. (in carpentry or ironwork) a heavy metal strap for fastening two members together.
[1555–65; orig. uncertain]



a male cat, esp. one that has been castrated.
[1350–1400; Middle English gib(be), short for Gilbert proper name]




Past participle: gibbed
Gerund: gibbing

I gib
you gib
he/she/it gibs
we gib
you gib
they gib
I gibbed
you gibbed
he/she/it gibbed
we gibbed
you gibbed
they gibbed
Present Continuous
I am gibbing
you are gibbing
he/she/it is gibbing
we are gibbing
you are gibbing
they are gibbing
Present Perfect
I have gibbed
you have gibbed
he/she/it has gibbed
we have gibbed
you have gibbed
they have gibbed
Past Continuous
I was gibbing
you were gibbing
he/she/it was gibbing
we were gibbing
you were gibbing
they were gibbing
Past Perfect
I had gibbed
you had gibbed
he/she/it had gibbed
we had gibbed
you had gibbed
they had gibbed
I will gib
you will gib
he/she/it will gib
we will gib
you will gib
they will gib
Future Perfect
I will have gibbed
you will have gibbed
he/she/it will have gibbed
we will have gibbed
you will have gibbed
they will have gibbed
Future Continuous
I will be gibbing
you will be gibbing
he/she/it will be gibbing
we will be gibbing
you will be gibbing
they will be gibbing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been gibbing
you have been gibbing
he/she/it has been gibbing
we have been gibbing
you have been gibbing
they have been gibbing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been gibbing
you will have been gibbing
he/she/it will have been gibbing
we will have been gibbing
you will have been gibbing
they will have been gibbing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been gibbing
you had been gibbing
he/she/it had been gibbing
we had been gibbing
you had been gibbing
they had been gibbing
I would gib
you would gib
he/she/it would gib
we would gib
you would gib
they would gib
Past Conditional
I would have gibbed
you would have gibbed
he/she/it would have gibbed
we would have gibbed
you would have gibbed
they would have gibbed
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Noun1.GiB - a unit of information equal to 1024 mebibytes or 2^30 (1,073,741,824) bytes
computer memory unit - a unit for measuring computer memory
mebibyte, MiB, megabyte, MB, M - a unit of information equal to 1024 kibibytes or 2^20 (1,048,576) bytes
tebibyte, TiB, terabyte, TB - a unit of information equal to 1024 gibibytes or 2^40 (1,099,511,627,776) bytes
2.gib - a castrated tomcat
tomcat, tom - male cat
References in classic literature ?
Todder day he gib me slip fore de sun up and was gone de whole ob de blessed day.
Him de syfe and de spade what Massa Will sis pon my buying for him in de town, and de debbils own lot of money I had to gib for em.
Now, Andy," said Sam, returning to his stand under the beech-trees, "you see I wouldn't be 't all surprised if dat ar gen'lman's crittur should gib a fling, by and by, when he comes to be a gettin' up.
What's to be done, my dear, with the gib berish that I have written here?
Khalid Al Rumaihi, Chief Executive of the Bahrain Economic Development Board congratulated GIB on the occasion, saying: "We are delighted that GIB has been granted a retail banking licence for Meem in Bahrain.
The licence is an important milestone for GIB as it will help boost the bank's presence in the kingdom and pave the way for further expansion across the GCC, said a statement from the bank.
Sonuc: Trabekulektomi sonrasi erken donemde GIB yuksek bulunan olgularda hedef GIBna ulasmak icin argon lazerle sutur kesilmesi etkin ve guvenilir bir yontemdir ve birden cok kez uygulanabilir.
GIB currently operates its banking activities in Saudi Arabia through its regional branches in Riyadh, Dhahran and Jeddah.
We also expect Coupa to bring a new level of financial visibility, said Stewart McPhail, COO at GIB.
He will play a pivotal role in realising GIB Capital's strategic development.
Shaun Kingsbury, chief executive of GIB, said: "In three years the team at GIB have built a special business that is green, profitable and admired around the world.
GIB Capital won the "Best IPO Deal in the Middle East" award for acting as Co-Financial Advisor and Joint Lead Manager for National Commercial Bank's USD 6-billion initial public offering ("IPO"), the second-largest IPO globally in 2014 and the largest IPO in the Middle East.