gibberellic acid

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gib·ber·el·lic acid

A plant hormone, C19H22O6, that promotes processes such as seed germination, flowering, and stem elongation. It is also present in certain fungi.

[From gibberellin.]

gibberellic acid

(Botany) a slightly soluble crystalline plant hormone first isolated from the fungus Gibberella fujikuroi: a gibberellin. Formula: C19H22O6
[C20: from New Latin Gibberella, literally: a little hump, from Latin gibber hump + -ic]

gib′ber•el′lic ac′id

(ˈdʒɪb əˈrɛl ɪk, ˌdʒɪb-)
a gibberellin, C19H22O6, produced as a metabolite by the fungus Gibberella fujikuroi, used as a stimulator of plant growth.
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Noun1.gibberellic acid - a crystalline acid associated with gibberellin
gibberellin - a plant hormone isolated from a fungus; used in promoting plant growth
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To do this, duckweed was grown in 14X to 30X homoeopathic potencies of Argentum nitricum, Lemna minor and gibberelic acid (a known plant growth regulator) over a period of seven days.
A one-way or twoway analysis of variance on the arcsine transformation of cumulative percent germination after 15 days of incubation was used in the gibberelic acid study and the temperature and time of storage study.
Interactive effects of gibberelic acid and salt stress on growth, ion accumulation and photosynthetic capacity of two-spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.