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 (gĭb′ənz), Orlando 1583-1625.
English composer noted for choral music and for madrigals such as "The Silver Swan."


1. (Biography) Grinling. 1648–1721, English sculptor and woodcarver, noted for his delicate carvings of fruit, flowers, birds, etc
2. (Biography) Orlando. 1583–1625, English organist and composer, esp of anthems, motets, and madrigals


(ˈgɪb ənz)

Orlando, 1583–1625, English composer.
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Now rolls the thunder deep, Down the cloud valley, And the gibbons around me Howl in the long night.
They f'und the Active o' Portland, an' Gibbons o' that town he was her skipper; they f'und her leakin' off Cape Cod Light.
Old Gibbons don't say nothing about it--just shirks it complete--Gibbons always done that when he got stuck-- but there is Rolampton, what does he say?
Borthrop Trumbull, whose acquaintance with the history of art enabled him to state that the hall furniture, to be sold without reserve, comprised a piece of carving by a contemporary of Gibbons.
refer it to His Eminence Cardinal Gibbons and His Grace Bishop Potter.
At the basis of the works of all the modern historians from Gibbon to Buckle, despite their seeming disagreements and the apparent novelty of their outlooks, lie those two old, unavoidable assumptions.
After intense contemplation of the immaculate Gibbon Mr.
The intellectual experience of the people was mainly theological and political, as it was everywhere in that day, but there were several among them who had a real love for books, and when they met at the druggist's, as they did every night, to dispute of the inspiration of the Scriptures and the principles of the Free Soil party, the talk sometimes turned upon the respective merits of Dickens and Thackeray, Gibbon and Macaulay, Wordsworth and Byron.
Culture Catch Launches Podango Station and Partners to Present the Salon at Macworld; Lee Gibbons to Speak at Podcasters Symposium
WORCESTER -- Holy Cross and women's basketball coach Bill Gibbons have agreed to a four-year contract extension.
Sean Patrick Gibbons was locked up after hurling insults at Derry justice Barney McElholm.
JOCKEY Graham Gibbons has admitted to having an alcohol problem after being convicted of drink-driving for a third time.