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An ancient village of Palestine near Jerusalem. In the Bible, its inhabitants were condemned by Joshua to serve as manual laborers for the Israelites.

Gib′e·o·nite′ n.


(Placename) an ancient town of Palestine: the excavated site thought to be its remains lies about 9 kilometres (6 miles) northwest of Jerusalem


(ˈgɪb i ən)

a town in ancient Palestine, NW of Jerusalem. Josh. 9:3.
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This was the plain of which Joshua spoke when he said, "Sun, stand thou still on Gibeon, and thou moon in the valley of Ajalon.
Joshua made the sun stand still upon Gibeon, but you would outdo Joshua.
The Garden of Eden, the sun standing still in Gibeon, is poetry thenceforward to all nations.
The text in Joshua 10:13 which speaks of the time when he led the people of Israel into Canaan - the region covering present-day Israel and Palestinian territories - says: "Sun, stand still at Gibeon, and Moon, in the Valley of Aijalon.
It records that after Joshua led the people of Israel into Canaan - a region of the ancient Near East that covered modern-day Israel and Palestine - he prayed: "Sun, stand still at Gibeon, and Moon, in the Valley of Aijalon.
Similarly, we find no mention of such a campaign to quickly rebuild the Tabernacle in Gibeon after the one in Nob was destroyed.
We also see in Exodus 14:13-31 the incredible parting of the waters of the Red Sea to protect the fleeing Israelites from the advancing Egyptian soldiers, the miraculous manna which tasted like honey bread and which was the staple diet of the fleeing Israelites for 40 years (Exodus 16:14-15); the walls of Jericho collapsing from the mere sound of the trumpets and loud human voices (Joshua 6:20); and the victory of the Israelites led by Joshua at the Battle of Gibeon when the sun stood still for a day (Joshua 10:12-15).
Champion jockey Richard Hughes, who will retire on Saturday, registered his first victory of the 2015 Goodwood Festival aboard 11/1 chance Gibeon in the opening Land Rover Handicap.
Gibeon is too consistent for his own good - despite not winning he is 7lb higher than when finishing runner-up (subsequently disqualified and placed third) at the Guineas meeting at Newmarket in early May.
Liang Z, Zhang Q, Thomas CM, Chana KK, Gibeon D, Barnes PJ, Chung KF, Bhavsar PK, Donnelly LE.
A meteorite fall consisting of at least 51 individual fragments, with a total mass of 15 tons, occurred some time in the distant past near Gibeon, also in Namibia.
It is best known for the greatest miracle of the Hebrew Bible, when Joshua defeated the Amontes at Gibeon.