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An ancient village of Palestine near Jerusalem. In the Bible, its inhabitants were condemned by Joshua to serve as manual laborers for the Israelites.

Gib′e·o·nite′ n.


(Bible) Old Testament one of the inhabitants of the town of Gibeon, who were compelled by Joshua to serve the Hebrews (Joshua 9)
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Uriah ben Shemaiah was an unknown prophet from Kiriath-jearim, one of the four Gibeonite cities (Josh.
Hivai, a Gibeonite who once successfully foretold the future, now appears to have lost his prophetic skill.
Third, the Old Testament describes Gentiles who come under the sway of the God of Israel, who show more zeal and faithfulness than the Israelites themselves: Joshua 2:1-14, Rahab sees more clearly than many Israelites; Ruth 1:11-12, Ruth clings faithfully to Naomi; 1 Samuel 7:1-2, the people of Kiriath Jearim, a Gibeonite town (Josh.
Edelman ("Gibeon and the Gibeonites Revisited") views the anti-Gibeonite polemic pervading the Deuteronomistic History as a response (by the pro-David, pro-Jerusalemite returnees from the exile) to an attempt by the pro-Saulide Gibeonites to make Gibeon the cult center in the sixth century.
When reported to Samuel he said: for example, a widow married to a high priest, a divorcee or a woman who has received halitzah married to a rank-and-file priest, a mamzeret or Gibeonite woman married to an Israelite, a daughter of an Israelite married to a mamzer or Gibeonite.
In the introduction, we are in the walled city of Gibeon, where we experience events through the dismal perception of Hivai, a Gibeonite seer.
Kallai had observed ("An Attempt to Determine the Location of Beeroth," Eretz-Israel 3 [1954]: 115), there are several arguments from the sources that militate against the location of this Gibeonite town at el-Bireh (el Bire).
David put to death seven sons and grandsons of Saul to expiate the bloodguilt caused by an otherwise unmentioned massacre of the Gibeonites at the hands of Saul (2 Samuel 21:8; Joshua 9).
Years before, David's predecessor and father-in-law Saul had massacred the Gibeonites.
But, apart from the sparing of the Gibeonites (Hurrians) in Jos.
8) The Gibeonites, Amorites and Moabites met the same fate as previous peoples and cities did too.
The Gibeonites are happy with this resolution, but Ritzpah, who is the mother of two of the sons, is not.