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Gi·bral·tar 1

A British colony centered around the heavily fortified Rock of Gibraltar, a strategically located peninsula on the north side of the Strait of Gibraltar, connecting the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean between Spain and northern Africa. Gibraltar was captured by Arabs in 711 and passed to the Spanish in 1462. Great Britain captured Gibraltar in 1704 and was granted sovereignty by treaty in 1713.

Gi·bral′tar′i·an (-târ′ē-ən) adj. & n.

Gi·bral·tar 2

An invincible fortress or stronghold.


(Placename) of or relating to Gibraltar or its inhabitants
1. (Placename) a native or inhabitant of Gibraltar
2. (Peoples) a native or inhabitant of Gibraltar
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Noun1.Gibraltarian - a native or inhabitant of Gibraltar
Calpe, Gibraltar, Rock of Gibraltar - location of a colony of the United Kingdom on a limestone promontory at the southern tip of Spain; strategically important because it can control the entrance of ships into the Mediterranean; one of the Pillars of Hercules
European - a native or inhabitant of Europe
Adj.1.Gibraltarian - of or relating to Gibraltar or its inhabitants; "Gibraltarian customs office"


A. ADJgibraltareño
B. Ngibraltareño/a m/f
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The Foreign Office said it had lodged a protest: "We have protested to the Spanish government and have also raised our extreme concern over the reported interaction between the Spanish vessel and a Gibraltarian pleasure craft.
The Gibraltarian authorities said they should have been asked to assist in catching the criminals once the chase looked like it would go into British-controlled waters.
But proud Gibraltarian Bula bristles at the "minnow" tag despite his country boasting a population of less than 30,000 people and just 600 registered footballers, and used World Cup hosts Brazil's semi-final horror show against Germany to support his case.
Last week, Britain summoned the Spanish Ambassador to the UK, Federico Trillo, to the Foreign Office after a Spanish vessel incurred Gibraltarian waters.
The first minister, Fabian Piccardo, has now compromised by allowing fishing to commence alongside the 'new reef' although he insists the waters still remain Gibraltarian.
However, the Gibraltarian authorities threw the diplomatic efforts into doubt, saying no working groups had been agreed.
40) fee could be imposed on every vehicle entering or leaving the Rock through its border post with Spain, with the proceeds used to help Spanish fishermen who have lost out because of damage to fishing grounds allegedly caused by Gibraltarian authorities.
Then it hit me like a discus thrown by a Gibraltarian which was nowhere near the Olympic qualifying distance.
Written for students and scholars of international relations and economics, this book describes how Gibraltarian identities are not isolated from those of Spain, and how cultural distinctions have been blurred between borders due to a history of surprisingly cordial relations.
We're one part Spanish, three parts Gibraltarian and one part English so if that's not international I don't know what is
It may not conduct any trade or business within Gibraltar and Gibraltarian or Gibraltar residents cannot have beneficial interests in their shares.