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(Biography) Sir John. 1904–2000, English stage, film, and television actor and director


(ˈgɪl gʊd, ˈgil-)

Sir (Arthur) John, 1904–2000, English actor and director.
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Noun1.Gielgud - English actor of Shakespearean roles who was also noted for appearances in films (1904-2000)
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DAME Judi Dench has unveiled a blue plaque commemorating the London home of stage and screen star Sir John Gielgud.
Theatre veteran Vanessa Redgrave was also honoured London's Guildhall, picking up the prestigious Gielgud award for excellence in the dramatic arts.
Apart from writing what her peers described as the best crime novel ever, she also - under another pen name, Gordon Daviot - wrote a play that not only made a star of actor John Gielgud but was a box office smash in London's West End and New York's Broadway.
The interviewees in the book frequently cite John Gielgud as an influence, and though Gielgud himself had been unable to be interviewed for this project, he did receive the guideline questions sent out in advance.
Called The Clue Of The New Pin, it featured a young actor, John Gielgud, as the villain.
Gielgud, Olivier, Ashcroft, Dench: Great Shakespeareans; Volume XVI
Called The Clue Of The New Pin, it featured a young John Gielgud as the villain.
The 67-year-old, whose performance in The Audience won her an Olivier Award, left London's Gielgud theatre to confront the troupe of performers.
It follows The Ladykillers critically-acclaimed West End run at London''s Gielgud Theatre.
An influential teacher called Joy Harvey, who had worked with John Gielgud, nudged her along a perhaps inevitable career path.
True, Russell Brand and Helen Mirren aren't quite as good as Dudley Moore and John Gielgud, but it's still a rather sweet, funny and uplifting romcom.
The pavilion will be located next to the ornamental formal garden, a centrepiece of the estate previously owned by the actor Sir John Gielgud.