Giemsa stain

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Giem·sa stain

n. coloración de Giemsa, usada en frotis de sangre en análisis microscópicos.
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Materials- Methanol, Glacial acetic acid, Giemsa stain and MayGrunwald stain.
Results: Gastric biopsies of 100 patients, who were diagnosed as gastritis on histopathological examination were analyzed with the help of Giemsa stain for the presence or absence of H.
Three thin and three thick blood smear from each animal were prepared immediately and fixed in 100% Methyl alcohol and brought to laboratory for further process of Giemsa stain described by Soulsby [7].
The Gram stain and Giemsa stain didn't reveal any features of chancroid and LGV (inclusion or elementary bodies of Chlamydia) respectively.
The cellular morphology was similar between the cells that were thought to be Langerhans cells on Giemsa stain to that stained positive for S-100.
Giemsa stain was used to detect various parasites including blood pathogen like (Babesiaspp, L.
Smears were stained with methanol fixed Giemsa stain and examined under oil immersion.
Moreover, their detection in fecal smears stained with Lugol's solution or Giemsa stain obtained from a refrigerated sample could be of particular interest for clinicians as positive control with supporting the diagnosis of T.
The slides were stained by Giemsa stain and seen under the light microscope.
The supravital stain trypan-blue was used to distinguish live and dead spermatozoa while giemsa stain was used to evaluate the integrity of the acrosome membrane.
Giemsa stain of the material obtained from a crushed papule will reveal the presence of pathognomonic "molluscum bodies" in the cells of the epidermis.
Microscopic examination showed double-walled spherical cysts in potassium hydroxide with calcofluor white stain, Gram stain (Figure, panels A, B), and Giemsa stain.