Giemsa stain

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Giem·sa stain

n. coloración de Giemsa, usada en frotis de sangre en análisis microscópicos.
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The representative blocks chosen from each case were then stained with immunohistochemical stains including CD20, CD3, CD4, CD8, CD34, CD25, and CD117 (c-KIT) along with special stains including toluidine blue and Giemsa stain.
After exposure, slides were washed in distilled water and immediately stained in 2% Giemsa stain prepared in Sorenson's buffer for 10 min and then scored.
In the laboratory, a Giemsa stain of a smear prepared from the patient's blood showed activated lymphocytes.
Metaphase chromosomes were trypsinized and stained with Wright Giemsa stain (GTG method).
Seven of the acute appendicitis cases and 3 of those with no specific changes were stained with the Giemsa stain.
Tenders are invited for Supply of WBC diluting fluid, WBC diluting fluid, Platelet diluting fluid, Eosinophil diluting fluid, JSB stain, Glacial acetic acid, Multistix 10SG for Urinanalysis, Microalbumin strips, Giemsa stain, Methanol, Ethanol, N/10 HCL, Nitric Acid, Conc.
Diluted Giemsa stain (1:3 with PBS) was then poured on the smear and allowed to stain for 45 minutes before washing and air drying.
Within half an hour, thick and thin smears were prepared as per standard procedure and stained with Giemsa stain.
Direct, air-dried smears are prepared and stained with a modified Giemsa stain, and results are usually issued within 24 hours.