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n.1.See Jiffy.
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If you are new in the city and on a lookout for a cosy abode NoBroker is here to help in a giffy.
Tenders are invited for Supply of gi elbow and giffy coupling for pwss in distt mandla
Ashley Giffy Gifford WHETHER the game is declared null and void (and replayed) which I believe it should be; when this sort of thing is proven 3pts must be deducted from the offending team's total in addition to any points gained from the fixture.
Se refiere tambien a los cafes Giffy y Java en Hornsgatan, asi como al Mollqvist Kaffebar, donde Blomqvist se entera, otra vez por radio, de que el hombre que intento matar a Lisbeth habia sido asesinado.
The team was coached by Dennis Dextradeur of Quabbin, and players and their families raised money to pay for the trip, which included a game in Berlin against a team that included UConn-bound Niels Giffy.