Gilded Age

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Gild·ed Age

The period in American history from about 1870 to 1900, during which rapid industrialization, a labor pool swelled by immigration, and minimal governmental regulation allowed the upper classes to accumulate great wealth and enjoy opulent lifestyles.

[After the 1873 novel The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today by Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner (1829-1900), American author.]
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As Hope's crew descends upon Victorian high society, they learn that the glitter of the Gilded Age also possesses a hidden darkness far more dangerous than history books ever chronicled.
In compiled and edited by Helen Zoe Veit (Associate Professor of History at Michigan State University), "Food in the American Gilded Age" excerpts from a wide range of Gilded Age sources ranging from period cookbooks, to advice manuals, to dietary studies--revealing the jarring eating and cooking differentials between classes and regions at a time when technology and industrialization were transforming what and how people ate.
One of these gilded age buildings has recently hit the market in NYC, with a fairly hefty price tag of $50 million.
The Gilded Age is also significant in food history for the introduction of many new dishes and cuisines brought by immigrants during the period.
Alexander, Coxey's Army: Popular Protest in the Gilded Age (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press 2015)
COMING on the heels of the celebrated exhibit of Philippine 19th-century art in Europe, 'Filipinos in the Gilded Age,' Leon Gallery is coming up with a special display of 17 major paintings from its forthcoming September auction that all together interrogates Philippine cultural identity in the visual arts-or the lack thereof.
Andrew Young's Unwanted resurrects a Gilded Age murder mystery, immersing audiences into the mental and emotional world of a hurting American Midwest, where stern public morality frequently contrasted with private behavior.
What the public is seeing is the disruption of the belief in Silicon Valley exceptionalism -- that, unlike Gilded Age robber barons, 21st t -century digital plutocrats are transparent in their dealings while building and using their great wealth.
Bennett's book, The Art of Wealth: The Huntingtons in the Gilded Age (2013), published by the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens, which owns so many of Henry and Arabella's possessions.
Regis Hotels & Resorts is delighted to unveil Caroline's Four Hundred, the brand's first-ever bespoke scent inspired by Caroline Astor, the matriarch of the hotel's founding family and doyenne of New York's Gilded Age.
New York, United States -- The huge philanthropic pledge by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, totaling perhaps $45 billion, reflects the emergence of a new Gilded Age of giving.
Thus, both general readers and historians of the Gilded Age will find much to like about this study.