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Contraction of give me.
adj. Slang
Demanding material things or especially money; acquisitive: today's gimme society; tired of gimme letters.
n. Sports
A putt that is granted to a fellow player as successfully made either before it is attempted or after it is missed in an informal game of golf.


(ˈɡɪmiː) or


slang give me!
(Golf) golf a short putt that one is excused by one's opponent from playing because it is considered too easy to miss


(ˈgɪm i)
n., pl. -mes, -mies.
1. Pron. Spelling. give me.
2. the gimmes or gimmies, Slang. avarice; greed.
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Another tweeted: "ABSOLUTELY FUMIN' @Lord-Sugar Gimmie the last 12 weeks and my licence fee back if you have that much money to spare.
When a natural catastrophe falls from the sky in the form of plummeting bird poop, both the I-Want and the Gimmie decide simultaneously to cooperate to save the kitten from bird poop splashing.
On Saturday, fellow Teessiders The Gimmie Gimmicks and the Infant Hercules Choir joined the Wildcats to play to a packed audience.
Tenders are invited for ervice" within the meaning of Article 3, Paragraph 1, Item 2 of the PPA named "evaluation, studies and analysis of social services for vulnerable groups in Smolyan" joint strategy for social Protection of vulnerable groups "with the acronym GIMMIE SHELTER PROGRAM" European territorial cooperation "GREECE - BULGARIA" 2007 - 2013 ", CONTRACT FOR GRANT FROM V3.
Sean Paul has an undeniable track record for crafting hit singles such as Deport Them, Gimmie The Light, Like Glue and We Be Burnin.
McMahan-Patton - Gimmie Mae McMahan-Patton, 63, of Harrisburg, died Feb.
Crewe could have been two up in the first 20 minutes when their outstanding wing-back Matt Tootle was calling the tune, but they had to wait until six minutes from the end to score the winner through defender Adam Dugdale when Saddlers midfielder Romaine Sawyers miskicked trying to clear a corner, handing the Railwaymen a gimmie.
His previous novel, titled Gimmie Shelter, is also available on Kindle.
I knew she would win, this race looked a real gimmie," added the trainer after her comfortable 3-1 success in the first of two 7f handicaps.
In one spell he saved a point-blank Adam Rooney header, tipped a follow-up shot from Gary Roberts wide and then again scrambled across goal to deny Rooney another gimmie.
The deer are coming so close that all I've had so far is gimmie shots.