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A flat brittle cookie spiced with ginger and sweetened with molasses.


(ˈdʒɪn dʒərˌsnæp)

a small, crisp cookie flavored with ginger and molasses.
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Noun1.gingersnap - a crisp round cookie flavored with ginger
cookie, cooky, biscuit - any of various small flat sweet cakes (`biscuit' is the British term)
brandysnap - a gingersnap flavored with brandy
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Iffraaj has sired three Group 1 winners of seven Group 1 races in 2017, including the Australasian Classic winners Gingernuts and Jon Snow.
4 On a length of foil of around 45cm, sandwich the gingernuts together in a line with the raspberry cream.
Griffin's, a 150-year-old brand, is famous for products such as Gingernuts, MallowPuffs, ToffeePops and ETA potato chips.
There are more sweet treats on offer from Gingernuts which sells novelty gingerbread.
The show, which Peter says is "vulgar and cheap" (the jokes are proudly non-PC and tickets are just PS8 and PS9) has a cast of faces familiar to Avalanche Dodgers fans - from Barney Stevenson as Black Jack Thatch-Scratcher and Andrew Stead in his stage persona of Fairy Gingernuts (a role he has taken for the last decade) to the four-legged regular cast member Jerry the Dog.
Established in 1864, Griffins is a popular snack food manufacturer in New Zealand with products like MallowPuffs and Gingernuts enjoying high sales of more than NZ$300 million a year.
uk This wool tea cosy comes complete with three twin pack gingernuts and eight English Breakfast tea bags - all you need to do is put the kettle on.
With the comfort of packet after packet of gingernuts and a morning Scotch mutton pie, I was the goodie two shoes who managed to win.
Far from being keen to retire to a life of tea, gingernuts and Countdown, older workers are the most contented and are more than willing to carry on until they are 70.
Last year his solo exhibition at the Dowse, Cookies, Crackers and Gingernuts, profiled workers and the biscuits they produce at Griffin's Foods in Lower Hutt.
For example, if you decide to buy a packet of Digestives, Gingernuts, Hobnobs or Rich Tea biscuits, the token you will get has a value of five.