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(ˈdʒɜːbə) or


(Placename) an island off the SE coast of Tunisia, in the Gulf of Gabès: traditionally Homer's land of the lotus-eaters. Pop: about 100 000 (latest est). Area: 510 sq km (197 sq miles). Ancient name: Meninx


or Jer•ba

(ˈdʒɛr bə)

an island off the SE coast of Tunisia: Roman ruins. 92,269; 197 sq. mi. (510 sq. km).
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Khashm-el Girba established in 1964, settlement people of Wadi Haifa.
They are a Bedouin group who migrated from Saudi Arabia in the nineteenth century and now are mostly populated between Kassala, Khasm al Girba and El Damer.
The most prominent dams are Roseires Dam and Sennar Dam on the Blue Nile and Kashm el Girba Dam on the Atbara River.
When they find a well, their animals are watered, then the group will fill all of their water cans and girba (goatskin water bags).