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n.1.See Gherkin.
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Girkin and Zakharchenko, who are active participants in the battles against the Ukrainian army in Eastern Ukraine, became widely known to Russian viewers through their multiple interviews in news programs on NTV, Russia-1, and First Channel TV outlets.
Also this week, Igor Girkin, the Turn to Page 20 From Page 19 leader of Russian separatist forces in eastern Ukraine was, on Wednesday, formally accused of orchestrating the shooting down of the Malaysia Airlines flight in July last year.
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For those who think this is a civil war, please look at this interview with Igor Girkin, bit.
The Donetsk-Horlivka group of the fighters of Novorossiya is completely surrounded,'' Igor Girkin said on a rebel social media page.
But in May, Igor Girkin, a rebel commander who also goes by the name of Igor Strelkov, appealed for military assistance in comments that were widely viewed online.
Soon after the plane was shot down, Igor Girkin, a former member of Russia's Security Service who commands the forces of the Donetsk Peoples Republic, posted an announcement that the separatists had shot down a Ukrainian Antonov 26 transport plane.
He is believed to have close ties with pro-Russia commander Igor Girkin - widely blamed for shooting down flight MH17.