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1. also girlie
a. Relating to or characteristic of girls, young women, or traditional femininity: a girly voice.
b. Often Derogatory Weak, timid, or effeminate. Used chiefly of men.
2. Variant of girlie..
n. Derogatory
Variant of girlie.
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Jessica Harrington is represented by Fairyhouse winner Magic Of Light and Girly Girl, the most experienced in the line-up but without a win in ten attempts.
ACTRESS Ellen Page has said she used to suffer panic attacks over girly photo- shoots.
50 AUTOGRAPH @M GRAPH @M GRAP AR H MAR KS K & SP S E PE P NC ENC E NCE R ER NA N VY, Y, Y NUDE & WOODEN EN E HEEL HEE ANKL KL K E-STRAP TRAP T SANDALS PS95 DUNE Girly gingham has really Girly gingham has really grown up this season grown up this season so square up this spring/ so square up this spring/ summer trend.
euro]140, Rock and Rom Toughen up this girly trend with a bomber
3 THESE THESE girly heels are great girly heels are great and practical for the office, as they bring out your feminine side yet are still comfortable.
I have one wall in my kitchen that is adorned with pink antique rose wallpaper and, even though it doesn't really match how the rest of my home is decorated, I love it because it's so utterly, unashamedly girly.
But I hear that SIMONCOWELL's bevy of beauties put their differences aside to throw a lovely, girly tea party for his partner - and mum of his child - LAUREN SILVERMAN this week.
Hayden Panettiere makes girly pink feel boyish with everyday basics.
Miley is over her boyish crop and wants to grow her hair back out to girly lengths again.
We should stop putting ourselves into categories, and accept that we are all a bit girly, and all a bit of a tomboy.
In three simple steps, My Girly Side offers subscribers a choice of name-brand tampons to fit their cycle, a delivery schedule of every two, three or four months and participation in a charitable donation that benefits women's causes.