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1. A concession made by a labor union during contract negotiations: "The contract ... which called for a giveback of five sick days, was defeated by a ratio of more than 2 to 1" (New York Times).
2. Something that is rebated or returned: a tax giveback.


(Commerce) commerce US a reduction in wages in return for some other benefit, in time of recession


or give′-back`,

1. (in union negotiations) a reduction in employee wages or benefits conceded by a union in exchange for other benefits or in recognition of depressed economic conditions.
2. something returned, rebated, etc.
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From the givebacks that I got here, without having anything, that was my giveback.
If we demand "best use" thinking over silly personal givebacks, this unwarranted commercial expansion will go the way of other special-interest moves.
As a community-centric financial institution dedicated to charitable givebacks, GSCU was quick to agree to donate money for the adult prizes, as well as Savings Bonds for the children's prizes.
DCECU members received these givebacks via a year-end loan interest rebate, which rebated borrowers in good standing 50% of the total interest they paid on all eligible DCECU loans during 2012; a member saver reward, which gave depositors in good standing an additional 50% of the dividends/interest they earned on DCECU deposits in 2012; DCECU Visa check card rebates of 0.
In a statement, union leaders said the sought-for concessions were too much for pilots who had also agreed to givebacks when the former AMR was in bankruptcy in 2012.
NUHW has been unable to bargain contracts for more than 6,000 workers it represents, including at Kaiser where workers face major givebacks.
As the national and state economies continue to reside in the doldrums of a major stock market and housing decline, the preparation of budgets for the coming fiscal year has demanded creativity and hard choices from management, along with painful sacrifices and givebacks from workers.
TNG-CWA members are facing major demands for givebacks from the newspaper's new owner.
Space commitments increased from the same period of last year, while downsizings and givebacks greatly decreased, enabling positive absorption and lower availability countywide.
As of press time, the BBA givebacks were slated for possible floor action in September.
It isn't negotiating a fair contract with the workers who have made this company so successful but instead is demanding nearly $1 billion in givebacks and making sure that its top executives stay in the top 1 percent of Americans.
He suggested that town employees - given that councilors had reduced councilor stipends from $2,000 each to $100 - submit to voluntary givebacks.