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 (glô′mə) also Glom·ma (-mə, -mä)
A river of eastern Norway flowing about 595 km (370 mi) generally southward to the Skagerrak.
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But note that the incidence and density of infection in GLAMA was high in affluent areas.
Seasonal factors in the uptake of the GLAMA relates to the summer months as it is too hot to participate and winter has snow conditions with a lack of a warm sports uniform or climate control environments.
25 Tabla 2 Partes anatomicas y Densidad Global para huesos de Lama glama (Elkin yZanchetta 1991) Parte Anatomica Densidad Global Axis 0.
On the eve of the wedding, the bridesmaids were treated to a spa party at Glama, hosted by Amy Brooks, aunt of the bride.
These inter team skirmishes resulted in St Ellisons, Armed and Dangerous, GLAMA, Julie's Angels, Old Gits United and Pykettes facing each other.
The day before the GLAMA deadline Collins got an unsigned E-mail telling him how to submit his self-produced EP.
The album received three GLAMA (Gay and Lesbian American Music Award) nominations including Best Male Artist and won a songwriting award from the Unisong International Competition.
Capra aegagrus), y occidentales (Lapis bezoar occidentalis) a las provenientes del tracto digestivo de mamiferos sudamericanos como camelidos (Lama glama y Vicugna vicugna) y cervidos (Hippocamelus antisensis) (Jimenez 1838; Monardes 1574; Plans y Pujol 1870).
Musicians include Birmingham-based reggae star Glama Wayne and Nereus Joseph, who first emerged on the reggae scene in 1979.
Recovery of Trichuris tenuis Chandler, 1930, from camelids (Lama glama and Vicugna vicugna) in Argentina.
are classified in the Tilopods suborder together with llamas (Lama glama L.