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or glass blowing  (glăs′blō′ĭng)
The art or process of shaping an object from molten glass by blowing air into it through a tube.

glass′blow′er, glass blower n.


(ˈglæsˌbloʊ ɪŋ)

the art or process of forming or shaping a mass of molten or heat-softened glass into ware by blowing air into it through a tube.
glass′blow`er, n.


[ˈglɑːsˌbləʊɪŋ] Nsoplado m de vidrio
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The paper over each window was impenetrable to light, and a blue curtain was drawn across the glass work in front.
Erin and Nathan Roberts with Noble Truss & Lumber won two tickets to see "The Wizard of Oz" play at the PAC donated by The Glass Works.
In 1850 the firm moved to nearby Ellison Road and the Sowerby's Ellison Glass Works, Ltd.
I REFER to your article in the Journal on work starting on the 270-bedroom student Glass Works housing scheme in Coquet Street, Newcastle "in the Ouseburn area," the city's emerging cultural and creative quarter.
NYSE: SLH) said that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire the insurance and services division of Pittsburgh Glass Works, LLC.
The frames are not going to hinder the way the traditional Google Glass works with its finger-tap and voice-commanded interface.
This year's edition, complete with a Derry-wide music trail of bands and performers, is a three-day extravaganza and starts this evening with a plethora of gigs sandwiching the main event at the Glass works.
Global Banking News-May 13, 2014--Solera to purchase insurance division of Pittsburgh Glass Works
WHEN A FAMOUS US architect visited Venice's celerated Venini glass works in 1951, he was so entranced by a green and black bowl that turned red in the light he ordered 25 replicas.
Tudor and P&T are based in the New Dial Glass Works, built in 1788, on Stourbridge's historic Glass Mile.
More than 130 glass works by artists around the country will be auctioned.
1889: The screw bottle top was patented by Dan Rylands of Hope Glass Works, Barnsley.