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A town of southwest England south-southwest of Bristol. There are extensive remains of an Iron Age village nearby. Glastonbury is the traditional site of King Arthur's Isle of Avalon.


(ˈɡlæstənbərɪ; -brɪ)
(Placename) a town in SW England, in Somerset: remains of prehistoric lake villages; the reputed burial place of King Arthur; site of a ruined Benedictine abbey, probably the oldest in England; the Glastonbury Festival of music and other arts is held most summers in nearby Pilton. Pop: 8429 (2001)


(ˈglæs tənˌbɛr i, -bə ri)

a borough of SW England: excavations of an important Iron Age lake village and ancient abbey; linked in folklore with King Arthur. 6773.
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Wopsle died amiably at Camberwell, and exceedingly game on Bosworth Field, and in the greatest agonies at Glastonbury.
Tenders are invited for Glastonbury High School Pool Upgrades
GLASTONBURY Festival organisers have donated tickets to next year's event for auction to raise money for refugees.
Michael Eavis has denied he has plans for Miley Cyrus to headline Glastonbury next year.
Inspired by Britain's largest and most prolific music festival, Glasnost takes place over Glastonbury Festival weekend, and aims to offer Cardiff's live music community an alternative to Worthy Farm.
FROM participating at the SXSW festival in the US early this year to performing at the Glastonbury festival in England today,Donn Bhat couldn't have had a better year.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-August 19, 2014-Verizon Wireless announces 4G LTE network enhancement in Glastonbury, Connecticut
rock band Metallica from the Glastonbury Festival has been launched by angry fans who took offence at lead vocalist James Hetfield's bear-hunting association.
Followi-night run at sold out in just two hours, and his highestcharting solo album with American Interior, Gru Rhys has announced details of an ambitious multi-media tour of Glastonbury Festival.
London, May 9 ( ANI ): Metallica will headline the Glastonbury at Pyramid Stage on Saturday night, it has been announced.
com)-- The Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce is proud to unveil “The Men of Glastonbury Calendar” at The Great Reveal Red Carpet Event at the Pond House on October 3, 2013 from 6:30-8:30 pm.
Organisers of the music spectacular, taking place on Saturday, July 27, and Sunday, July 28, saw a surge in sales after headliners Primal Scream performed a five-star set to 100,000 people at last weekend's Glastonbury festival.