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n.1.(Zool.) A genus of nudibranchiate mollusks, found in the warmer latitudes, swimming in the open sea. These mollusks are beautifully colored with blue and silvery white.
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Epigram iii on Midas of Larissa was otherwise attributed to Cleobulus of Lindus, one of the Seven Sages; the address to Glaucus (xi) is purely Hesiodic; xiii, according to MM.
Thus far, we have spoken the truth concerning her as she appears at present, but we must remember also that we have seen her only in a condition which may be compared to that of the sea-god Glaucus, whose original image can hardly be discerned because his natural members are broken off and crushed and damaged by the waves in all sorts of ways, and incrustations have grown over them of seaweed and shells and stones, so that he is more like some monster than he is to his own natural form.
Sarpedon and Glaucus led the Lycians from their distant land, by the eddying waters of the Xanthus.
89% when a short selling report was published by Glaucus, but the company staged a retaliation on 2 May 2017 by making an announcement to refute Glaucus's allegations.
A caution could have been included regarding handling aeolids, particularly Glaucus species likely to be found washed ashore, as the concentrated nematocysts can give people a sting more painful than man-of-war Physalia species (Rudman 1998).
It was applied Chlorpyrifos on the variety Andean Blackberry or Rubus Glaucus with a concentration of 0.
The Rubus Glaucus is commonly known as Andean Raspberry Benth or Mora de Castilla, was characterized by George Bentham in 1845.
Glaucus, total W / H EUR 196 000 (EUR 98 000 peryear, excluding VAT).
Las curvas de intervalo-abundancia mostraron un marcada dominancia de especies que se ven favorecidas por las actividades humanas como Rhinella marina y Hemidactylus frenatus, esta ultima una especie exotica; mientras que las especies poco frecuentes en las cuatro localidades fueron Dermophis oaxacae, Trachycephalus typhonius, Sphaerodactylus glaucus, Porthidium dunni y Oxybelis fulgidus al registrarse en una sola ocasion y en sitios particulares (Figura 4).
The mixture of 50 percent Arctic fescue; 20 percent Gruening alpine bluegrass; 20 percent tundra glaucus bluegrass; and 10 percent Nortran tufted hairgrass was broadcast over the site at the rate of nine pounds per acre.
Related to scale insects, the ground pearl, Eurhizococcus colombianus Jakubski (Hemiptera: Margarodidae), infests fruit crops, such as blackberry Rubus glaucus Benth (Rosales: Rosaceae) (Kondo & Gomez 2008; Rodrigues & Gomez 2008).
Vladimir, Microbial Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles by Streptomyces glaucus and Spirulinaplatensis.