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 (glĭng′kə, glyēn′kə), Mikhail Ivanovich 1804-1857.
Russian composer considered the founder of Russian nationalistic music. His works include the operas A Life for the Czar (1836) and Russlan and Ludmilla (1842).


(Russian ˈɡlinkə)
(Biography) Mikhail Ivanovich (mixaˈil iˈvanəvitʃ). 1804–57, Russian composer who pioneered the Russian national school of music. His works include the operas A Life for the Tsar (1836) and Russlan and Ludmilla (1842)


(ˈglɪŋ kə)

Mikhail Ivanovich, 1803–57, Russian composer.
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Noun1.Glinka - Russian composer (1804-1857)
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The collaborators worked closely together on the linguistic and conceptual translations of a manuscript written by the Russian soil scientist Konstantin Dmitrievich Glinka (1867-1927), which resulted in the publication of a German (1914) and an English (1927) book, analyzed in detail below.
As an alternative approach to Neuber's rule, Molski and Glinka [2] proposed the equivalent strain energy density (ESED) method.
Also, the Mylan group executives proposed for election to the board as new members are Caroline Dixon, head of Finance, Northern Europe; Jacek Glinka, president, Europe and Colleen Ostrowski, treasurer, with Glinka elected as chairman of the board.
Glinka wrote it in Italy during one of his prolific illnesses which were matched by his prolific love life.
Appendix 2 gives some excellent resources for singing in Russian, and Appendix 3 includes recommended songs of Glinka and Dargomyzhsky for beginning Russian-language singers.
O'Brien's good record Aidan O'Brien, who is represented by Century, has the best recent record in the race having won it three times in the past seven years with Mahler (2007), Mikhail Glinka (2010) and Leading Light last year.
On the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the Russian Empire family, Devdariani and Lyudko present a concert that includes ancient Russian Orthodox Church chants; Peter the Great's and Catherine the Great's chants; romances by Glinka, Rimsky-Korsakoff, Tchaikovsky, and Rachmaninoff, and music by Italian and French composers.
M2 PHARMA-October 18, 2013-Mylan Inc elects Jacek Glinka as president of European Business(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
Civil activist Yelizaveta Glinka, veteran opposition politician Irina Khakamada, environmental activist Suren Gazaryan, rights advocates Alexander Verkhovsky and Maria Kannabikh, as well as journalists Yelena Masyuk and Leonid Parfyonov are among proposed members.
The main program of the Festival will take place at the National Philharmonic Hall in Bishkek from May 14 to 18, in which the Glinka State Chamber String Quarter, Rakhmaninov State Academic Symphonic Orchestra, soloists of the Bolshoi Theater of Russia; piano duet Duo Retroff and Daniella Litman from Mexico, chorus master from Venezuela, piano trio from Italy, sacred music performer from Israel, Joel Spiegelman from the U.
As fate would have it, Grand Vent and Mikhail Glinka also suffered falls in the second version.
DTH II premieres a new work by Donald Byrd as well as a rarely performed Balanchine work, Glinka Pas de Trois.