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n. pl.1.(Zool.) An order of mammals; the Rodentia.
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Both groups represent sister lineages of Glires and this large taxon has played an important role in the overall history of recent mammalian radiation.
Try the Snake Glisse (guided connected sledges) for a laugh or relax with a massage at Les Glires Leisure Park which also has a pool, steam room and hot tub.
Contributors discuss George Gaylord Simpson and the history of paleomammalogy, anatomical evidence for superordinal/ordinal eutherian taxa in the cretaceous, molecular evidence for major placental clades, insectivoran-grade placentals, and characteristics of macroscelidea & tubulidentata, paenungulata, xenarthra & pholidota, euarchonta, glires, chiroptera, carnivora, perissodactyla, artiodactyla, and cetacea.
Mommsen no tuvo reparos en integrar en el texto latino del Edictum la forma glires (22), convencido de que tal identificacion era intachable.
Contract notice: project management mission for the rehabilitation of groups: villard bonnot, red houses, 40 logts and glires, 13 logts
2017 in salle des glires and multimedia room, - implementation of a streaming system disseminated on the department~s intranet site, - installation, Testing and uninstallation phases of the solution.
Contract notice: winter service on the territory of the community of municipalities faucigny glires.
Contract notice: Project management missions for the rehabilitation of the inn glires.