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Any of a class of drugs that decrease insulin resistance and are used to treat type 2 diabetes.
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Edmondson, "Molecular insights into human Monoamine Oxidase B inhibition by the glitazone antidiabetes drugs," ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters, vol.
The publication suggests using pioglitazone, instead of rosiglitazone, if a glitazone is needed.
Weight loss, inhibition of ovarian androgen with progestin, oral contraceptive pills (OCPs), GnRH agonists, anti-androgens, ovulation stimulators and drugs used in type 2 diabetes such as Metformin and Glitazone are the most commonly used medical treatments.
c) Glitazones: Insulin resistance and inflammatory markers are decreased with glitazone therapy.
Of the diabetic patients, 35 of 38 were on oral hyperglycaemic agents (OHA) and three had OHA plus insulin and four were on glitazone treatment.
By 2005, use of sulphonylureas had decreased, with a parallel increase in use of metformin and glitazone.
Type 2 diabetic teens tend to fall into two categories: those who respond well to metformin and lifestyle measures, and those who don't--in which case adding a glitazone is insufficient.
There will also be new drugs in the Glitazone range of diabetic medicines.
Glitazone use associated with diabetic macular edema.