Rudbeckia hirta

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Noun1.Rudbeckia hirta - the state flower of MarylandRudbeckia hirta - the state flower of Maryland; of central and southeastern United States; having daisylike flowers with dark centers and yellow to orange rays
genus Rudbeckia, Rudbeckia - North American perennial herbs with showy cone-shaped flower heads
coneflower - any of various plants of the genus Rudbeckia cultivated for their large usually yellow daisies with prominent central cones
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These include the planting in prepared beds of annuals such as globe amaranth, portulaca, sunflower, cosmos, Gloriosa daisy, coreopsis and gaillardia.
Some of the plants look a bit like select garden flowers, as indeed they should, for garden plants of gloriosa daisy, Mount Shasta daisy and several of the Michaelmas asters have been derived from the plants of the field.
Grow flowers for cutting PLants that provide a steady supply of colorful summer bLooms for bouquets include perennials such as alstroemeria, purple or white coneflower, coreopsis, gaillardia, gloriosa daisy, scabiosa, Shasta daisy, statice, and yarrow, as well as annuals such as cosmos, lisianthus, Mexican sunflower, and zinnia.
Gloriosa daisy, a favorite of flower gardeners, is a tall cultivar of Rudbeckia hirta.
Summer-blooming perennials For color now into fall, plant daylilies, gaillardia, Gaura lindheimeri, gloriosa daisy, lion's tail, penstemon, phygelius, Russian sage, salvia, and yarrow.