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The production of a speech sound by narrowing of the glottis or compression of the vocal cords, resulting in creaky voice, ejective pronunciation, or other phonological changes.

glot′tal·ize′ v.
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Objective: The aims of the project are to analyze:1) the extent and nature of external sandhi and of glottalization of word-initial vowels in English-accented German as compared to native English productions, in relationship to prosodic boundaries and adjacent segments,2) the influence of external sandhi and of glottalization on word recognition by English and German listeners,3) the influence of external sandhi and of glottalization on the perception of phrase boundaries by English and German listeners.
The primary focus of this paper is LR's ongoing convergence to a ser to distinguishing phonetic and phonological elements shared between the two source languages, including: final obstruent devoicing, glottalization, and final consonant deletion.
ii) Speech and language assessment: The core components of the speech and language assessment included; (a) Case history: prenatal, perinatal and postnatal history including feeding problems and motor milestones, surgical history, associated medical conditions, dentition and educational history; (b) Physical examination: oro-facial examination; (c) Perceptual evaluation: articulation, nasality, compensatory articulation such as glottalization, nasal grimaces, palatalization and pharyngeal fricatives; and (d) Rating of speech intelligibility: known/unknown context.
Supposedly he had in mind an alternative use of words both (a) with the rising-falling pitch combined with intensive glottalization and (b) with prevailingly falling pitch combined with weak glottalization.
Both / t/ glottaling and /l/vocalization were found in all of the locations she studied, but while /l/ vocalization was almost categorical among her Essex speakers (Przedlacka 2001: 46), levels of glottalization were, apparently, lower than those used in Buckinghamshire, Kent, and Surrey (Przedlacka 2001: 45).
The mainstream view today is that Ethio-Semitic (and Akkadian) inherited glottalization from PS.
That one exception is that aspiration be written with an h--like in English--rather than with a double quote mark--parallel to the use of the single quote mark for glottalization.
Musical ideas are sometimes exchanged between the two parts but the bass is often a rhythmic grunting or repetitive glottalization which is in temporal as well as melodic opposition to the melodic line.
But since they say this is only a difference in glottalization, tone has actually become neutralized in this dialect, and there is only an opposition between presence and absence of stod, which is a situation comparable to that in Danish.
It is well known that secondary articulation types, such as labialization and palatalization, as well as laryngeal modifications, such as aspiration and glottalization, can play a contrastive role in segment inventories.
Wetzels (1985) points out that, in derivational terms, stop epenthesis feeds the glottalization of coda voiceless stops, although this may apply in British RP but not in American English (Gussenhoven and Jacobs 1998: 131-132).
It should be stressed that t in the sequence t-d of Amharic tammada 'harness' lost its glottalization in Chaha damada through a process of assimilation, t-d becoming d-d.