glue sniffing

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glue′ sniff`ing

the inhaling of the fumes of certain kinds of glue for the hallucinogenic or euphoric effects they produce, often resulting in damage to various organs.
[1960–65, Amer.]
glue′ sniff`er, n.
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And the problem of glue sniffing in the Paisley area, a killer habit among the young, was raised in the Commons.
According to the Department of Narcotics Control, children aged 8 to 10 take cannabis, cigarettes and glue sniffing while children aged between 12 and 18 use phensedyl - compound found in commonly used cough syrups -- and heroin.
Then just 13, D described living a grim life of glue sniffing and prostitution, with Ali acting as her pimp and taking half the money she made.
The children of this area are vulnerable for child prostitution, criminal activity and glue sniffing.
Labour's Jim Murphy said glue sniffing was the big thing Labour's Jim Murphy said glue sniffing was the big thing david.
And glue sniffing to stifle the pain of hunger is rife.
FEWER ADDICTS: Instances of drug taking, glue sniffing and substance abuse are down
But footage of the reports on the Bible John murders from 1970 and a Current Account investigation into glue sniffing from 1977, showed there was always plenty of grit too.
A study by an NGO, working on the issues of street children in the metropolis, revealed that while 74 percent of these addicts are involved in either glue sniffing or hashish, 15 percent consume heroin.
of the bus station: Glue sniffing boys in Basra, An American supply