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 (glo͞o′vīn′, glü′-)
A hot, spiced drink typically made with red wine, sugar, cinnamon, cloves, and lemon or orange.

[German : German glühen, to glow, heat (from Middle High German glüejen, from Old High German gluoen); see ghel- in Indo-European roots + German Wein, wine (from Middle High German wīn, from Old High German, from Latin vīnum).]


(Cookery) mulled wine
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Because most of Germany's food options - from dubious gluhwein to frankfurters the length of my leg - are over here at OUR Christmas events.
Expect lots of European delicacies - bratwurst, gluhwein and Dutch pancakes - not forgetting black pudding and pies.
And whether you like to wash your food down with warm gluhwein (mulled wine), cold beer or anything in between, the German Market is the place to relax with family, friends and colleagues.
The Christmas tree is already up and soon the gluhwein will be flowing and the stollen and wurst from some of the 190 stalls will be on offer.
It's not gluhwein and DJs at La Folie Douce in Val d'Isere, that's for sure.
If you're worried about pouring yours into wine glasses, then these are the perfect alternative - cheery to look at but sturdy enough for a gluhwein or two.
The evening included sampling of Christmas treats served alongside warming Gluhwein, the traditional mulled Christmas drink, specially prepared to mark this festive season.
While Cathedral Gardens is home to the impressive two-storey Windmill Bar, formerly in Albert Square, Market Street is one of the only areas without a stall selling gluhwein and beer, instead focusing on gifts, arts and crafts.
Insider understands he's currently enjoying the slopes (and apres ski) of the French Alps in Geneva with multi-medallist rower Sir Matthew Pinsent and London 2012 long jump champion Greg Rutherford, although sadly there'll be no Hollywood stollen to go with the gluhwein .
I'm not particularly excited by all those Gluhwein stalls: in my line of work I get enough mulled wine at carol services and Christmas concerts.
Cologne Highlights excursion The mouth-watering smell of baked gingerbread, the warming taste of Gluhwein, the heart lifting sight of twinkling outdoor lights; when was Christmas shopping more enjoyable?
With the mouth-watering smell of baked gingerbread, the warming taste of Gluhwein and the heart-lifting sight of twinkling outdoor lights - when was Christmas shopping more enjoyable?