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 (glo͞o′vīn′, glü′-)
A hot, spiced drink typically made with red wine, sugar, cinnamon, cloves, and lemon or orange.

[German : German glühen, to glow, heat (from Middle High German glüejen, from Old High German gluoen); see ghel- in Indo-European roots + German Wein, wine (from Middle High German wīn, from Old High German, from Latin vīnum).]


(Cookery) mulled wine
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In November alone, 80,000 gluhwein mugs were sold, a third up on the year before - as footfall in the city centre shot up over the festive season.
New Street becomes bedlam and all that money spent on gluhwein and cheap tat goes back to Germany.
GLASGOW CHRISTMAS MARKETS November 9-December 22 This year, the markets will return to George Square and St Enoch Square offering a wide selection of festive gifts and delicious street food as well as gluhwein from the Gluhwein House, operated by Markus Kochems from the Mosel valley and continental beers from the Bavarian bars.
The apres-ski themed bar will be decorated in traditional style and will serve winter warming drinks and mouth-watering food such as gluhwein, a festive grill swing and dishes from Cheshire Cheese and Wine Company.
The pub will be serving up German wines, gin and, of course, warming Gluhwein.
Roasting chestnuts on an open fire, sipping gluhwein by a twinkling fjord, cold noses, warm cuddles, quiet sighs.
uk/whitemead, 03301 230 374 STAR BUY Berlin Christmas markets from PS99pp: Gluhwein, tinsel and currywurst, what more could you want?
Stalls run by German traders providing gifts including handcrafted toys, jewellery, Christmas cards, speciality foods and traditional German delights such as gluhwein, bratwurst sausage, goulash, soups, schnitzels, stollen, gingerbread and candied fruits.
REALITY Wrap up warm and pour yourself some gluhwein - the daredevil winter sports competition is back
The evening included a variety of Christmas treats served along with the warming Gluhwein, a traditional mulled Christmas drink, specially prepared to mark this festive season.
Because most of Germany's food options - from dubious gluhwein to frankfurters the length of my leg - are over here at OUR Christmas events.