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n.1.(Chem.) A white amorphous powder, C4H4O, obtained by heating and dehydrating glycolic acid.
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Synthetic, resorbable monofilament surgical suture based on glycolide and caprolactone for high-tech, complex and critical stages of operations
There is one other glycolide barrier polyester on the market--Kuredux PGA (polyglycolic acid) from Kureha America Inc.
According to Kumar and Banker [24], PLGA copolymers containing less than 85% of glycolide in their compositions are amorphous in nature.
POLYGLACTIN (VICRYL): Copolymer of lactide and glycolide.
Figure 2 shows the shear strength degradation curves for different glycolide contents, while keeping other variables constant Higher glycolide contents reduce the life of the implant up to a certain extent The starting strength is also lower with higher glycolide contents.
In this reaction there may be two kinds of ester production alcoholic glycolic and glycolide (14-Dioxan-25-dione) which with a six-membered cycle is formed easier.
Controlled ring-opening polymerization oflactide and glycolide, Chem.
Yapisindaki caprolactone yumusak ozellik verirken, glycolide saglamligina katkida bulunur.
In fact, dehydrated form of glycolide or lactide are not quite the same as the un-dehydrated from of glycolic acid or lactic acid, but they are also not so different.
Prepolymers were synthesized by ring opening copolymerization of L-lactide or glycolide with [epsilon]-caprolactone initiated by hexahydroxycyclohexane [3].
The manufacturers of lactic acid and derivatives, Purac, have just built a biomaterials manufacturing plant in Gorinchem, The Netherlands, tel:+31 183 695 695, fax:+31 183 695 600, to meet the growing market demands for their Purasorb lactide and glycolide monomers and biodegradable (co)polymers.
Synthetic resorbable monofilament surgical suture based on glycolide and caprolactone