Gnat catcher

(Zool.) one of several species of small American singing birds, of the genus Polioptila, allied to the kinglets.

See also: Gnat

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Endangered species that live in the area include the California gnat catcher, the least Bell's vireo, the unarmored three-spined stickleback, the Santa Ana sucker fish, the southwestern arroyo toad and the slender horned spineflower.
Endangered species that live in the area include two species of birds, the California gnat catcher and the least Bell's vireo; two species of fish, the unarmored three spine stickleback and Santa Ana sucker fish; one species of amphibian, the Southwestern Arroyo toad, and one species of plant life, the slender horned spineflower.
It is home to turtles, frogs, egrets, coyotes, and the blue-gray gnat catcher.