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Noun1.cow dung - a piece of dried bovine dung
droppings, dung, muck - fecal matter of animals
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The gobar filter are used for edge based and texture based classification.
Raising renewable energy power projects based on canal flows wind solar gobar gas and urban waste too should be considered seriously.
So far we have seen Jurassic Park dubbed in Hindi with dialogues like: aACAyoh look, there is dino gobar [Dinosaur droppings in Hindi].
He fled to Scotland after organising protests against Assad's regime in the Gobar district of Damascus, having been inspired by the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt.
Lesser below- the- belt jabs Sherlyn posted include stating, " Gobar ke murrabbe ko pata toh chale ki uska pla kis ' type' ki ladki se pad.
O corpo em performance fotografada de Nadia Gobar, sempre nu, e o motivo que Doriedson Bezerra Roque & Paulo Emilio Macedo Pinto (Brasil / Portugal) apresentam no artigo "Um Corpo Coletivo: a Generosidade Poetica em Nadia Gobar.
Biogas is called by several other names such as: dung gas mash gas gobar gas sewage gas and swamp gas [3].
Masked performances and dance steps imitating animals and daily household chores (husking paddy, collecting gobar or cowdung) through elaborate hand and foot gestures are shared common threads, but the similarities end there.
These beads were also applied on the slurry (outer open circumference) of the Gobar gas plants at some places (6).
clean" fuel (kerosene, gobar gas, LPG)] Kebede et al.
We have been exporting home grown choicest potato varieties to nearby Gulf states," said Gobar Naser Al Bishi during a press conference here on recently.
The figures were part of a $55,000 labor market study done by Anaheim-based Alfred Gobar Associates for the Greater Antelope Valley Economic Alliance, or GAVEA, a nonprofit economic development organization supported by local cities and businesses and other government agencies.