Gobiesox strumosus

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Noun1.Gobiesox strumosus - clingfish with typical skillet shapeGobiesox strumosus - clingfish with typical skillet shape
clingfish - very small (to 3 inches) flattened marine fish with a sucking disc on the abdomen for clinging to rocks etc.
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A especie Hypleurochilus fissicornis foi a mais abundante em praticamente todo o periodo amostral, correspondendo a 49,90% das capturas, seguida por Bathygobius soporator e Gobiesox strumosus, com 29,75 e 18,98%, respectivamente.
hentz, freckled blenny Hypsoblennius ionthas, skilletfish Gobiesox strumosus, oyster toadfish Opsanus tau, and gulf toadfish Opsanus beta, have been shown to be dependent on oysters for reproduction, depositing their eggs on or inside oyster shells (Breitburg 1999, Coen et al.
Among the remaining fishes (Table 2), Gobiesox strumosus larvae were the most abundant potential oyster reef recruits and, together with Gobiosoma spp.