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A goblet- or hourglass-shaped hand drum having a single drumhead, typically held in the lap or under the arm and widely used in Middle Eastern, Balkan, and North African music. Also called dumbek.

[Ultimately (partly via Turkish darbuka) from Arabic darabukka, dirbakka, perhaps from Syriac 'ardbakkā.]
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John has learned how to play the djembe - a ropetuned skin-covered goblet drum played with bare hands and originally from West Africa.
Balen also sits in front of the tabla on a tune called Weightless and slaps a Middle Eastern goblet drum on Imam.
27, Issa Coulibaly will play the djembe, a rope-tuned skin-covered goblet drum, also from West Africa.
One was treated to a solo on the saxophone in one piece and then the goblet drum in another.
Guest artists from Egyptian jazz band Eftekasat joined the group for several numbers mid-show, bringing with them traditionally Middle Eastern instruments such as nay flute (Layth Soliman) and goblet drum (Hany Bedair) as well as keyboard (Amro Saleh).
Five days later, as the historic gathering drew to a close, drummers pounding West African goblet drums called djembes greeted the 500 delegates as they gathered in the plenary hall for final eucharist.