God's Will

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Noun1.God's Will - the omnipotence of a divine being
omnipotence - the state of being omnipotent; having unlimited power
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What she had heard about Jesus reminded her that God is not the author of death, that God takes no joy in destruction, that the sort of suffering she endured was not God's will.
You'll often hear a Turk use a form of speech that acknowledges God's will in reference to one's plans and future events.
Some hold that God's will for us is unknowable; others that it is definitely knowable; and still others that in some aspects of situations, God's will is sometimes clear, but that for the most part God leaves decisions to us.
As Nonconformists have traditionally held, unity is seen as members of the church gather under Christ's Lordship to worship God and seek God's will.
It denies social purpose, and consequently also denies God's will in marriage and family.
My husband and I are joined in submitting our wills and minds--sick though they at times are--to God's will.
They believe that whatever suffering they endure is God's will and is merited for their sins.
If a Soldier misses a target, it is because it was God's will for the Soldier to miss.
He dissociates God's will from any form of violence and identifies it with the work of compassion and justice.
In extrinsic willing, on the other hand, God's will is efficacious of what God wills, as in the very creating of all things.