God's Will

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Noun1.God's Will - the omnipotence of a divine being
omnipotence - the state of being omnipotent; having unlimited power
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What she had heard about Jesus reminded her that God is not the author of death, that God takes no joy in destruction, that the sort of suffering she endured was not God's will.
Jesus' crucifixion is the consequence of his fidelity to God's will.
You'll often hear a Turk use a form of speech that acknowledges God's will in reference to one's plans and future events.
Some hold that God's will for us is unknowable; others that it is definitely knowable; and still others that in some aspects of situations, God's will is sometimes clear, but that for the most part God leaves decisions to us.
Religion, in contrast, holds that the standard of moral value is God's will.
If a Soldier misses a target, it is because it was God's will for the Soldier to miss.
Let us go at once to the root of the evil: homosexual activity rages against God's will.
11) If God exists, moreover, then God's will is not relative but absolute: God wills X, not Y, and all those who think God wills Y rather than X are wrong.
Leibniz's point is that, if things are neither right nor wrong independently of God's will, then God cannot choose one thing over another because it is right.
19-20), dismissing Langston's view and citing with approval Wolter, who (in the article mentioned above) argues that, according to Scotus, the human will acts contingently though with God's will cooperating in a manner we cannot fathom.
He said he was constantly praying to God for guidance and enlightenment because becoming a president is "shaped by destiny and God's will.