God's house

An almshouse.
A church.

See also: God, God

References in classic literature ?
Song and dance will arise at night from the village girls, and on festival days everyone will repair to God's house to thank Him with grateful tears for what He has done .
God's house is the only house where sinners are made welcome, and you were always in my heart, Gerald, too much in my heart.
God's house too started to divide and what was once one, now turned to many - a tale of one house, or houses, or a city perhaps?
He said in February 1980 the Catholic community had achieved a worthy ambition of having God's house in the midst of their homes and they had adhered to the tradition which maintained that a town is not a town unless there is a church.
Diebold, 70, was called home to God's house to join his sister Mary Lou and parents Ralph and Virginia (nee Frederick) Diebold.
Goodness and mercy all my life shall surely follow me; and in God's house for evermore my dwelling place shall be.
A photo of King Salman was captioned "Just being a KING and teaching others how to be," praising his message that God's house is always open to all Muslims.
She said: "I was always told I'd feel safe in a mosque and that God's protecting me once I'm in His house, they say mosque is God's house but I wasn't feeling protected or safe.
By means of the prologue verses, this unit of psalms gains a preface which reflects on and expresses the happiness that arises out of being in God's House.
But they left with much more than that: new friendships, new perspectives and new energy to bring God's house with them wherever they go.
Although you have gone to God's house in the sky, Our love for you will never die.
At the end of his tour, Major General Al-Yahya urged all employees to bear, in mind, piety of God the Almighty, while on duty assigned to them, to speed up delivery and accuracy, in work, to facilitate the entry of the guests to the God's house, taking care to imprint each pilgrim and be sure of the validity of passports and visas, through advanced equipment, installed in all halls, in line with the keenness of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the Government of the Kingdom, to provide pilgrims with good handling of their affairs and make utmost efforts, to best serve them.