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 (gŏd′ərd), Robert Hutchings 1882-1945.
American physicist who developed and launched the first successful liquid-fueled rocket (1926) and invented numerous rocketry devices.


(Biography) Robert Hutchings. 1882–1945, US physicist. He made the first workable liquid-fuelled rocket


(ˈgɒd ərd)

Robert Hutchings, 1882–1945, U.S. physicist.
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Noun1.Goddard - United States physicist who developed the first successful liquid-fueled rocket (1882-1945)
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Goddard, requesting, in most respectful terms, to be allowed to bring Miss Smith with her; a most welcome request: for Miss Smith was a girl of seventeen, whom Emma knew very well by sight, and had long felt an interest in, on account of her beauty.
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