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A Hindu goddess of protection, vengeance, and victory, often described as the consort of Siva and as an avatar of Devi.

[Sanskrit Durgā, from durgā, feminine of durga-, difficult to approach, unattainable : dur-, variant (used before voiced consonants) of dus-, bad; see dus- in Indo-European roots + -ga-, going, moving (either from gam-, root form of gacchati, he goes, approaches, or from gā-, root form of gāti, he goes, approaches; see gwā- in Indo-European roots).]


(Hinduism) Hinduism the goddess Parvati portrayed as a warrior: renowned for slaying the buffalo demon, Mahisha
[from Sanskrit: the inaccessible one]
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Noun1.Durga - Hindu goddess of warDurga - Hindu goddess of war; a malevolent aspect of Devi; "the inaccessible Durga"
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Basically, a Kumari is considered to be the Hindu goddess Durga and is worshipped by both Hindus and Buddhists.
He further sought the blessings of Goddess Durga for the development of the state.
People believe that the Hindu goddess Durga emerged victorious over demon Mahishasura, and thereafter the festival is celebrated as a victory of good over evil.
According to popular belief, Dussehra celebrates the victory of Goddess Durga over the wicked demon Mahishasura who, according to legend, belonged to Mysore.
The snarls are expected to last for the next two days due to Dussehra and processions for immersion of idols of goddess Durga in various parts of the city.
Wales Puja Committee flew in two specialist artists from India to build a full size five-piece clay image of Goddess Durga and her children.
Adding weight to her argument she stated that the Dalit OBC groups in JNU are celebrating Mahishasur Martyrdom day and had issued a pamphlet that is derogatory to the Goddess Durga, who is worshipped by many as the slayer of Mahishasur.
The temple had several very significant and unusual features, including (a) the famous 'Durga cave' up on a hill beyond it, where there was a small cave with a lovely fresh water spring bubbling out of the ground, where 'Yatris' (religious pilgrims to the temple) would bath and purify themselves and offer respects to the goddess Durga, before going down to the main Shiv temple; and (b) one of the oldest and biggest 'Shiva Lingam' idols anywhere in this region, inside a special little sanctum that in fact precedes this old temple by at least 800 years.
The goddess Durga fought with him for 10 days, and on the last day she killed him.
The event is a recreation of the epic Ramayana, where Rama worshipped the goddess Durga and sought a blessing from her before going into battle with Ravana.
Naming a public utility to that of a mother is of bad taste as we call the goddess Durga ma and now calling a flyover mother is not appropriate," said Tanima Biswas, a resident of the area.
The clay used for the sculpture of Goddess Durga is collected from the banks of river.