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Noun1.Kurt Godel - United States mathematician (born in Austria) who is remembered principally for demonstrating the limitations of axiomatic systems (1906-1978)
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Krista Goedel, CCRA, serves as Senior Clinical Research Scientist, and Bernard Cook, PhD, DABCC, FACB, serves as Manager, Global Scientific Affairs, for Beckman Coulter Diagnostics.
Infinity Mathematical Physical Absolute Abraham Robinson 0 0 0 Thomas Aquinas 0 0 1 Plato 0 1 0 Luitzen Brouwer 0 1 1 David Hilbert 1 0 0 Kurt Goedel 1 0 1 Bertrand Russell 1 1 0 Georg Cantor 1 1 1
book, L'infanzia di Goedel (Godel's childhood), in 1999.
Of special note is the recognition of important but often overlooked contributors to the field like Post and Gentzen, often overshadowed by such luminaries as Cantor and Goedel.