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 (gô′gəl, gō′gôl), Nikolai Vasilievich 1809-1852.
Russian writer considered the founder of realism in Russian literature. His works include "The Overcoat" (1842) and Dead Souls (1842).


(ˈɡəʊɡɒl; Russian ˈɡɔɡəlj)
(Biography) Nikolai Vasilievich (nikaˈlaj vaˈsiljɪvitʃ). 1809–52, Russian novelist, dramatist, and short-story writer. His best-known works are The Government Inspector (1836), a comedy satirizing bureaucracy, and the novel Dead Souls (1842)
ˌGoˈgolian adj


(ˈgoʊ gəl, -gɔl)

Nikolai Vasilievich, 1809–52, Russian writer.
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Noun1.Gogol - Russian writer who introduced realism to Russian literature (1809-1852)Gogol - Russian writer who introduced realism to Russian literature (1809-1852)
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He was accused of "taking part in conversations against the censorship, of reading a letter from Byelinsky to Gogol, and of knowing of the intention to set up a printing press.
Well, I am not a great authority on literary questions, but I certainly do hold that Russian literature is not Russian, except perhaps Lomonosoff, Pouschkin and Gogol.
Tenders are invited for 09310000-5 - Electricity (Electricity) (352000 kW: Lot 1 - Gogol Street, 146 - 155000 kW; Lot 2 - Troitskaya St.
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Gogol and Dmitryev present the collection of the selected writings of Raya Dunayevskaya, the American founder of the philosophy of Marxist-Humanism in the United States, whose emphasis was on the Russian Revolution, the development of state-capitalist theory, and its relationship to the birth and development of Marxist-Humanism.
Since 1999, Gogol Bordello have been infusing their music with multiculturalism and a vibrancy of international beats.
This paper aims to investigate the problematic hybrid identity of Gogol, a representative of the second generation of immigrants, in The Namesake.
OFTEN erroneously compared to the likes of Gogol Bordello, London sextet Molotov Jukebox's second album kicks off with much more of a tropical sound than a gypsy one.
When the biography first came out, Edmund Wilson, Nabokov's one-time friend, wrote an encouraging, if cursory, review of it for The New Yorker; he described the book as "first-rate" and insisted that "Nabokov's Gogol must be henceforth read by anybody who has any serious interest in finding out about Russian culture" (216).
In Gogol, however, ghostly can be very material indeed.
The Sharks added some veteran depth up front on Wednesday when they acquired forward Chad Rau from the Minnesota Wild organization in exchange for Curt Gogol and Riley Brace.
Si, y todas las personas en comparacion con Pushkin son burbujas, pero solamente en comparacion con Gogol, Pushkin mismo es una burbuja.