Gold diggings

the places, or region, where gold is found by digging in sand and gravel from which it is separated by washing.

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Well, of course, you can't order eternity wrapped up and delivered at your residence for a price, but I've seen Father Time get pretty bad stone bruises on his heels when he walked through the gold diggings.
Today, it's impossible to breeze along Death Valley's smooth, well- marked asphalt roads, carrying Arrowhead water on ice in the trunk and a box of Wheat Thins on the console, and not think of those unfortunate souls who had been in such a rush to get to the gold diggings.
Anomaly 2 is parallel to Anomaly 1 and is located 200 meters west of the Itilima gold diggings from between latitude 9,588,000 N and 9,585,600 N.
A 19th century board game called A Race to the Gold Diggings has a box emblazoned with a colourful scene, tiny model sailing ships and a set of rules.
The previous results delineated geochemical anomalies associated with the artisanal gold diggings on the property and outlined new areas.
which has artisanal gold diggings identical to the Koe Koe
The Bokoro gold digging site located 15 km to the northwest,
During the course of first phase exploration, 20 areas with gold diggings in a similar geological environment as that seen at Boka were discovered.
The objectives of this program are: to expand to the immediate south the existing Koekoe soil survey grid thereby including several additional areas of artisanal gold diggings and: to prepare a property report in compliance with National Instrument 43-101.
As previously announced on January 31, 1997, Etruscan recently completed an airborne geophysical survey over the 1875 square kilometer Kossa Concession which identified major regional structures coincident with areas of active gold diggings.
Active gold diggings now cover an area of 4 square kilometers.
The occurrence of disseminated gold at Samira and the widespread occurrence of geochemical anomalies and gold diggings on the property clearly demonstrate the potential for the discovery of large tonnage bulk mineable deposits at Tiawa.