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gold bug

also gold·bug (gŏld′bŭg′)
1. Any of several North American beetles, especially Charidotella sexpunctata, having a golden metallic luster. Also called gold beetle.
2. A supporter of the gold standard.
3. A speculator in or a purchaser of gold.



n. Informal.
1. a person, esp. an economist or politician, who supports the gold standard.
2. a person who believes in buying gold bullion as a personal investment.
[1875–80, Amer.]
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Oliver Goldbug argued: "Why would they get together?
It is tough to be a goldbug, even in the cloistered banking counting rooms of Credit Suisse and UBS.
The most damaging slice of reality for the goldbug narrative has been the strength of US dollar.
Casey, an early goldbug, struck it big in 1978 with a book called The International Man, which encouraged readers to leave national borders behind in pursuit of wealth.
He's off somewhere in the hinterlands of Internet television, peddling goldbug fantasies.
So it is entirely logical for gold miners to sell their forward production and goldbug central banks in Moscow, Beijing, Tehran, Ankara and Hanoi to increase their gold holdings at lower levels.
The goldbug larvae, which hatch in late May, look like grubs covered with branching spines.
The bride's five-tiered chocolate cake was filled with alternating layers of chocolate ganache and raspberry buttercream icing featuring taupe chocolate fondant with ivory spun sugar lace, flowers, and a one-of-a-kind Goldbug Studio cake topper.
They first billed themselves as "Two Real Coons" in the 1896 New York production called The GoldBug at the Casino Theatre and continued to do so until 1909, when Walker fell ill.
Under the transaction, Barrick received the land corridor currently separating the Betze-Post and Meikle mines on the Goldstrike property; the Goldbug deposit, with a reserve of 1,140,000 oz, adjacent to Barrick's Rodeo deposit; Newmont reserves of 860,000 oz in the Betze-Post open-pit; and the Banshee property to the north of Meikle mine.
Drowned out by the goldbug voices calling for the resumption of the gold standard, advisors urging investment in gold, and all of the media hype over gold's record-breaking prices, the historical context of gold's role in economic crisis has been stripped from public discourse.
Joining The Zutons on the main stage in Centre Square (next to the mima art gallery) will be The Sunshine Underground, Master Shortie, Zion, Raygun, Rosie and The Goldbug, Will & The People and General Fiasco.